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#Time2Escalate is a multiplayer interactive game installation that comments on the omnipresence of Drumpf on the media and the need for collaboration to confront his rhetoric. The game highlights activists, veterans and artists who are working against Drumpf.

Instructions on site

Watch playtest

History of #Time2Escalate (handout given at the installation)

#Time2Escalate is a movement of movements that inspired this game. The Black Lives Matter movement, the anti-deportation campaign Mijente (#Not1More), and the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (which works on global issues including climate change) promoted a call: #Time2Escalate to disrupt Drumpf’s hate in order for allies to join and take a stance.

Making of

In collaboration with Tonia Beglari. Special thanks to Luciana Chamorro, Frank Chamorro, Edna Medina, Lillian Galvez and Sammy Seetaram.

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