Contá tu Ocupa

contatuocupa was my web based master project, which serves as an umbrella of all #OcupaInss information, a social movement organized to support elders in their plea for a reduced pension from the government in Managua, Nicaragua in 2013.

The purpose of this website is to document all the human rights violations that up to day have been silenced by the government of Nicaragua and archive the information shared about the movement in order to collect the largest possible number of stories about #OcupaInss in order to present a commemorative counter narrative of the story.

In this project all the interested people (journalists, researchers and citizens) will find news, press releases, blogs, photos and videos as well as the initiative # ContáTuOcupa a collaborative timeline that enables everyone who participated in #OcupaInss to rebuild and remember together the experience we had in June 2013.

This site was launched for the first anniversary of June 22nd, 2013, the day that the government attacked the camp as a series of events to commemoration of the attack and plea to the society for the active search of justice. As of November 2014 the collaborative timeline has 218 stories.

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