Denuncia No 204

Dimension 1920X1080 px 

Duration 2:52 min

Experimental video

Presented in Resistance Biennale Guatemala

Casa Americas Madrid, Spain 

Resistance Biennale Guatemala

“Focus on Centroamerica”, International Videoart House, Madrid, Spain

This archival project was born from a need to denounce in a context in which the brutal repression of the Ortega Murillo dictatorship against unarmed Nicaraguans was at its maximum expression during the so-called Clean-up Operation. 

With this piece I prove and archive the life and absence of my uncle Vicente Rappaccioli, who was kidnapped, murdered and robbed on June 26 by paramilitaries in Nicaragua. The piece is my way of denouncing and expressing the trauma and bureaucratic process that relatives of victims experienced by scanning and photocopying their personal documents since the government denied their existence. I add that this documentation work is mostly carried out by women members of AMA.

Documentation Casa America Exhibition

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