Fund for Equality and Sexual and Reproductive Rights (FED)

Part of my work in Crea Comunicaciones was to develop integrated communication products. The Fund for Equality and Sexual and Reproductive Rights (FED) wanted to present the results of their I Phase. During his work on the first phase, the FED became a development cooperation support mechanism for civil society organizations that promote gender equity and equality and sexual and reproductive rights for the Nicaraguan population.

77 organizations and movements received support to implement 140 projects through distinct mechanisms, thematic and geographical coverage was expanded. At the conclusion of the first phase, all of the projects and initiatives sup- ported by the FED contributed to strengthening Nicaraguan civil society. Furthermore, diverse initiatives came together and strategic alliances were created among organizations, institutions and the media to promote sexual rights, reproductive rights, and gender equality in places where these issues had never before been discussed.

In this work I was in charge of the research, selected the sample, conducted interviews with partner organizations and community leaders, wrote the script, the written report and directed the documentary.

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